Sequencing 101: A Beginners Guide to Aerial Act Creation


In this workshop students will learn the theory behind basic aerial silks techniques to create seamless transitions. Through technique drills, games and music driven play, students will explore how to link tricks together and create their first aerial act.


After your fifth time sliding to the mat on your face.

“I just don’t get these.”

You’re so close getting your first hip key, but the Silks are always just above your knees.

“I can’t get the Silks high enough…..”

The Hip-Key/Hip-Lock is essential to building a solid foundation on aerial silks or rope, but this seemingly “easy” maneuver is more than meets the eye.

This Workshop will familiarize students with major muscle groups used to perform Hip-Key and exercises to condition them. Hip-Key movement progressions and up to 5 alternate entries into Hip-Key other than the traditional “Scissor Legs” to add to their repertoire.

Workshop Participant Prerequisites:

  • Beginner to Advanced
BOTTOMS UP: Crossback Straddle

Crossback straddle got you down? No literally, down because you can’t seem to get your legs over your head? The unforgiving fabric is creeping up your back, and your foot locks are constricting around your ankles. Your knees are bent, you look like a crab… An exhausted crab?

It’s OK little crab.

This Workshop will familiarize students with the muscles used to perform a crossback straddle and how condition them as well flexibility issues. Students will learn how to use tension while using footlocks to protect their ankles, and low back while performing crossback straddle.
Students will learn up to 5 variations of cross back straddle to add to their repertoire.

Workshop Participant Prerequisites:

  • Beginner to Advanced
STRADDLE UP! The Breakdown

The ever-elusive straddle up inversion slowing down your progression? Are you a beginner struggling to get into an inversion without jumping from the ground? Or have you been training aerial arts for months or even years but still struggles with doing two or three straddle ups in a row?

Then this workshop is for you!

This workshop will familiarize students with the major muscle groups needed to safely invert, exercises to condition them and drills to develop straddle up proficiency. Participants will learn how to identify common pitfalls and to safely and effectively perform inversions.

Workshop Participant Prerequisites:

  • Beginner to Advanced
For Beginners
Intermediate to Advanced

From Crocodile to Angel Roll-ups, tricks using single and double arm wraps are growing in popularity.

This Workshop will introduce 8 new pathways to S-wrap to add to your technique repertoire. From; flamenco grip, to straight arm beats, and hip-key roll up. Participants will also explore ways to customize their own multiple star drops, preparing drops with the S-wraps of their choice.

Workshop Participant Prerequisites:
- Participants must be able to safely invert off the ground.
(Bent arms and legs are ok)